40 Days, 40 Nights

Rain falls from hill to plain,

Waves upon waves in size gain.

Thunder hits the land with a pounding roar,

Wind rips at the trees and pounds at the door.

Humans cower and animals quiver,

Both innocent and guilty are consumed by the river.

Rock and stone is ground down by the sea,

Levees are broken and waters set free.

Water circles us all like nature’s noose,

Ignorant people ask “the fault is whose?”

We hung ourselves without a trial,

Riches preferred that we spin the dial.

This is the tale yet to be told,

But tell it or not, it will unfold.

Everybody swims when the waters rise,

Everybody thirsts when the river dries,

Everybody starves when the crop dies,

But we’re in denial so it’ll be a surprise.

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