Two men charged with two armies while two walls closed in,

Both believed they had God’s grace and were destined to win.

One man under God and one God over men,

One held the throne and one held the commandments of ten.

Their hooves pounded on a floor which only the drowned know,

One sea became two and sealed the throne’s tale of woe:

Shadow covered the charging ranks and blotted out the sun,

The throne’s men fled; battles against fate are not won.

But the man sent the slaves on

And alone the two stood,

Between waters closing in

To claim the evil and save the good.

A man of the slaves and a man of the masters

Drew their glinting steel,

But the waves struck first the throne’s blood thirst

And no water the man did feel.

His Nation continued onward to the Mountain without tire,

Jacob’s savior spoke so the man looked deep into the raging pyre,

For the Book had told in days long old of a burning bush not consumed by fire.

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